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September 29 2013


Tips to buying a new car

If you are thinking about purchasing a new car then there are 5 very important things that you can't afford to forget. You will probably already have an idea as to which car you want to purchase, but before visiting a dealer, do you know how you can protect your interests and get the best price for a new car? If you are in the auto trade industry, this article will not help you, but if you're a regular Joe looking to purchase a new car, these points will certainly help you get the best deal:

1. When you visit a dealer to buy a new car, only talk with him if he actually has the car you are looking for. Never let him speak to another dealer for your car. The more middlemen you involve, the higher the asking price of the car becomes. If you want to get the best deal for your car, you have to speak with a dealer that has the car on his lot when you get there.

2. There are two periods in the year when dealers are looking to sell as many cars as they can. The first period is between July and October when they are trying to get rid of their stocks in order to make more space for new cars and the second period is during December when dealers are trying to raise their sales before the year ending. If you visit a dealer at the right time, you can get some pretty decent incentives which will save you a lot of money.

3. The biggest advantage a car dealer holds over you is his knowledge. This is where you can make use of the internet and do some research. For example, if you carry a huge folder filled with details about the car you are looking to buy and its approximate price with you whenever you visit a dealer, you will achieve two very important things. One, you will know what the actual worth of the car is, and two; the dealer won't think of you as an ignorant buyer and will only speak the truth.

4. Never wait till your old car has reached its end to buy a new one. It takes at least two to three months of research before buying a new car, if you want to make an informed choice. But, if your car is near its end, you wouldn't wait so long and, in haste, may not choose the best car for yourself. But no matter what, never let a dealer know you're desperate. If you check what anyone writing about new car purcahses writes, you'll find the same advice (be it Gerri Detweiler from Credit.Com Kevin Anderson at CarBuyWhiz or Clark Howard).

Add me on Twitter and I'll share all my car buying tips with you!
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